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12 Steps Chapter Graphics in PDF.pdf

This online course will help you draw your own personal road map to becoming a home-owner. From making the home-ownership decision to implementing the steps for getting it done...within each module we will dive deep into the thinking behind the "how" and "why" ending with specific action steps for each step to accomplish one phase of the home-ownership process before moving on to the next. The end result is YOU - the home-owner!


Becoming a home-owner can become a reality when you implement the steps within this course in order. Remember that the money and the home you purchase belongs to you. That said, you should have the most to say about how much house, where it is and what it is you want in a home.

Please download and print the Chapter Graphics attachment. Use Chapter Graphics to take notes throughout the course. It is a short document to write down key points as you work through the modules.