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For First Time Homeowners - with Action Steps to Save You Time & Money and Avoid Rookie Mistakes

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"For most people, home-ownership is the largest investment they will make. John helps you navigate around the mistakes that people make all too often. So many people just don’t pay enough attention to the details and this book addresses how to avoid critical mistakes.

John’s book, and the help of a good Realtor, will put you on the path to home-ownership while making home-ownership a major cornerstone in the journey to financial independence."

Richard Mendenhall 2001 President, National Association of REALTORS

Attention, Soon-To-Be Home-Owners!

Are you Ready to Start the Journey to Home-Ownership?


With almost 5 hours of video, expanded action steps, downloads and subject-specific website references, this online course will help you build your personal road map to home-ownership: from making the home-ownership decision to implementing the steps for getting it done.

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If you think home-ownership is out of reach, if you think it’s too complicated, too expensive and can’t happen to you, then you’re about to read the letter you’ve been waiting for all your life. Here’s why:

Home-ownership is a process. Gone are the days when “fogging a mirror” can get you a loan. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

What Is Our Value Proposition?

I believe each hour you devote to this course will save you ten or more hours in your journey towards becoming a home-owner: one day with the online course “12-Steps to Home-Ownership” could save you ten days! That’s ten days you can devote to pursuing a home with the right tools to get it done right!

Even better, and more to the point, this course will save you not just hours, but potentially thousands of dollars in opportunity costs from pursuing the wrong homes in the wrong neighborhoods that should have never made the cut- that is, if you had used the processes in the course to get right to the sweet spot of homes that fit you from the beginning, personally and financially.

  • Knowing What You Can Afford before you Start Looking
  • Building the right team with the right tools
  • Beyond Theory – delivering the right steps- in sequence
  • Action Steps that outline what to do next

Our Goal Is to Save You Time, Money and Frustration. Because Time Is Money

12 Steps to Home-Ownership Online Course is a do-it-yourself road map to home-buying providing tools and guidance for asking the right questions in advance of making the home buying decision. It is a guide to assist in your personal journey in the home-buying decision-making process.

This course provides over five hours of video training and almost 50 specific "action steps" to assure you can go deep into the process at every level, or, in just those segments your require to up your game.

For the serious home-owner-to-be please join us. The time you devote here could save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

Home-Ownership is Hard, But Not Impossible

How many times have you started on the path to home-ownership only to be thrown off course by mountains of information, a lack of good advice and fast-talking sales people looking to make a quick buck?

Home-ownership is a decision, one that will change your life and your financial future. To get there requires finding the right people to help you arrive with grace and less anxiety while avoiding the grind and grunge caused by fakers and takers of your time, energy and effort.

The impossible becomes possible once you surround yourself with the right team, resources and a process that keeps you on task, on course and focused on the result: home-ownership!

The 12 Steps to Home-Ownership Online Course presents a personal do-it-yourself mandate to getting on track to purchase a home. The course provides tools and guidance for asking the right questions as you make your way through the home-buying decision-making process.

Sequence is the Key to Success

In this online course, as you work through each module you can immediately set about the task of becoming a home-owner with little guess-work. You will be asking the right questions that guide your path to the goal while side-stepping parts and places that get most people confused, off track and unable to recover. While others are stuck with no way out you will keep moving from step to step having reached the goal!

I loved the course because it was not only fun and interesting, but the material was great and helped me learn not only about purchasing a home, but about understanding the real estate field. What I liked most about the online course was the option to download the modules for later viewing and/or faster access to the material. The workbook was easy to navigate through and great for note taking. I strongly suggest this course and any of John Wilhoit's material on first-time home buying, re-financing, and rental properties.

-Bill Reed, Atlanta, GA

Each module dives deep into the thinking behind the "how" and "why" ending with specific action steps to accomplish one phase of the home-ownership process before moving on to the next. The result is YOU - the home-owner!

  • Finding That Special Place to Call Home
  • Choosing Your Own Colors and Carpet
  • Parking in Your Very Own Garage

Who is the Instructor and Why Should I Listen to him?

The Instructor is John Wilhoit. John is the author of five books about real estate investing and management. You can find his books on Amazon. By profession John is a real estate asset manager responsible for the financial and physical care of real estate assets all over the country worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He has owned millions of dollars in real estate assets personally and has purchased many homes personally and as investments.

John wrote “12 Steps to Home-Ownership” as a gateway for home-owners-to-be to streamline the home-ownership process, as a reference guide and road map for people with some or no knowledge of the process- as a way for people to get on track and stay on track until the goal is achieved. You can read his full bio at the end of this letter.

Who should take this course?

Anyone seriously thinking about becoming a home-owner. There are a lot of steps to gaining home-ownership. This course outlines 100+. That may seem like a lot but consider trying this WITHOUT the road map! It's not about the number of steps, frankly, it's about taking the right steps in the right sequence.

  • Make the Go-No Go Decision
  • Consider Your Exit Strategy- Before You Buy
  • Build Your Home Buying Team – You Never Have To Go It Alone
  • Decide on Property Type Before Every Seeing a Single Property
  • Learn the Action Steps That Count

The 12 Steps to Home-Ownership Online Course, is a practical step-by-step guide about buying your first home while avoiding as many pitfalls as possible.

One objectives is saving you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in wasted time, energy and effort in pursuit of homes that are outside of your sweet spot, personally, financially or geographically. We want you to stay focused on what works for you.

Each module ends with specific "Action Steps" to accomplish before going to the next step in the home-buying process.

12 Steps to Home-ownership is for you if you have a willingness to become educated about the process in advance so that when the opportunity presents itself you are ready!

Course Modules That Take You Step, by Step, by Step

The book “12 Steps to Home-Ownership, presents 36 action steps and multiple website references to get the job done. The 12 Steps to Home-Ownership Online Course goes deeper and presents almost fifty action steps in sequence for getting the job done along with 50+ web site references to prepare you for the task of purchasing a home.

  • Define Your Neighborhoods of Interest
  • Choose the “Where” – In Advance
  • Know the Neighborhood Boundaries That Matter
  • Find That Perfect Place

Each Module has multiple lectures, hand-outs (downloads) and instructor narrative to give you everything you need to get on the path to home-ownership.

Answering the question of where you want to live creates a queasy feeling for many people; because we know where we “want” to live, then there is where we can afford to live. Balancing these two is discussed in depth as part of the process of buying your first home.

Making a Quality Decision for You and Your Family

This course is designed to prepare you for that moment in time when you can sign a contract for a home with confidence knowing that you’ve made a quality decision.

I believe the contents of this course will set you on a path to home-ownership. Home-ownership is the bedrock of building personal wealth. There is no buying a second home, or third, without first buying the first one, right? Of course, there is far more to the process than just picking out a home with pretty colors and a nice door front.

What the Federal Reserve Knows About Home-Ownership

The Federal Reserve is run by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve Board of Governors is nominated by the President of the United States and confirmed by the Senate. Their role is to protect and preserve the economy of the country. Once every three years the Federal Reserve completes a survey of consumers that includes information related to home-ownership.

The outputs of this survey range in value from one survey to the next, but the bottom line is this; homeowners are found to have a net worth of thirty to fifty times greater than non-homeowners. That’s 30 to 50 times greater!!!

  • Build Wealth for You and Your Family
  • Increase Your Net Worth 30-50 Times Higher Than Renters
  • Have a Place to Call Home That Is Yours – not the Landlords!
Our Guarantee

What if I am unhappy with the course? We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Bonus Material

Each module has an expanded list of "action steps" (from three to eight per module with 9 to 15 sub-actions) to assure your home-buying process stays on track and in sequence. All course material is ready for immediate download in PDF.

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Purchasing a home is a big decision. You need the right tools at the right time to get it done with grace and as little stress as possible. By having the right team and focusing your energy in the right places you are assuring your purchase is one that fits you and your lifestyle in a place of your choosing (not somebody else's choosing). Buy this course to order and streamline your steps to buying the home of your dreams…

Your Instructor

John Wihoit
John Wihoit

John is an author, blogger and Pod-caster. He has written several books about real estate including 12 Steps to Home-ownership and his best seller How To Read A Rent Roll - A Guide to Understanding Rental Income. His career has focused on high volume, large-scale multifamily apartment communities including market rate and mixed-finance developments. John’s experience includes institutional asset management and direct ownership of multifamily apartments.

He is a consultant to property management companies, equity investors and developers. His experience includes responsibility for portfolios of 2,000+ and 5,000+ apartment units with equity in the hundreds of millions of dollars across forty states and most major cities in the United States.

John has previously held positions with HUD, AIMCO and the Maryland Housing fund. He holds an undergraduate degree in Business and a Masters degree in Urban & Regional Planning.

Personally, John has owned hundreds of units. Professionally, he has engaged in the asset management of thousands of apartments across the U.S. John can easily discuss maintenance, marketing, property management selection, financing, demographics and market analysis at every scale.

This unique blending of experience, as an institutional advisor, consultant and owner, provides John’s clients (and you) an unmatched level of knowledge on how to purchase, operate and profit from building and owning your real estate empire.

John blogs for John Wilhoit.com and Multifamily Insight with over 300 articles about real estate acquisitions, market analysis, property management and financing. He is passionate about passing along to others his perspective on profitable and sustainable property ownership.


- Owner / Operator of Apartments

- Consultant to Institutional Owner's and Property Management

- Community Development Specialist, Harvard Fellow, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

- Senior Asset Manager for a U.S. based Real Estate Investment Trust

- Asset Manager, Workout Specialist, for government and private sector clients


Master of Science in Urban & Regional Planning Alabama A&M University - Urban & Regional Planning

Bachelor of Science in Management Pepperdine University - School of Business & Management.

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What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

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